besides being on here, I spend a lot of my time on the net building up playlists on youtube as I listen / watch things so I decided to make a lil navigational table of contents list to make it easier for visitors to pick the right vibage for them:

Y2K CM – late 90′s / early 00′s commercials or documentaries that give the utopian, futuristic optimism or spaced out vibes during the turn of the century.

Galactic Digital Archives – sleepy / relaxing VGM basically.

Glacial Graphics – sleeply / relaxing music (usually not VGM tho), especially more suitable for winter time. ambient, plunderphonics, vapor ambient, etc.

Acceptance N2 The Network – any songs especially VGM that are fitting for a fully functional futuristic society. listen to this to feel pumped up and good.

Future Mall Utopian Dreams – funky, groovy tunes more fitting for a mall like atmosphere and the various stores within. mostly vaporwave, Jpop, R&B and Y2K era jams.

X420000 – hip-hop, chopped-n-screwed jams.

Zero Gravity Club – dance music I like, anywhere from trance, house, techno, breaks and more. some 90′s computer graphics club vids are snuck in as well.

Echo Visions Through The Nexus – VGM that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. mostly atmospheric, otherworldly, mystical muzak. maybe good to put on while working on something but not to be put to sleep.

Sleeping Dreaming Wandering – yet another sleep playlist, this time strictly my favorite selections from the entire Pop Ambient compilation series. potent!

Binary Beach – similar to my mall playlist, but anything perfectly suited for a (cyberspace) tropical beach getaway.

End Levels, Bosses and Other Dark Vibes – game footage or music that evokes the same fears and dark atmosphere of a boss fight. or just leaving your house.

Pavilions of Post Reality / R.E.A.L. Concepts – two playlists that have various things that have influenced my game project ideas directly. but it’s time I actually do it though lol

VRV – videos to look at with a virtual reality enabled device

the rest of the playlists on my channel should be self explanatory. anyways, I hope this keeps some of you entertained or busy! enjoy your stay~

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