Classic 80s and 90s Nintendo cartoons now on YouTube!


This seems to have slipped most people by, but WildBrain part of DHX Media have released many of the classic Nintendo cartoons from the 80s and 90s for free on YouTube. This includes
Captain N: Game Master, Legend of Zelda, 
Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Mega Man and more available here!

The Mega Man series even has it’s own channel and here is the first episode:

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

also has it’s own channel:

Captain N was rather bonkers, but worth a watch:

No doubt some of our younger viewers may find these cartoon, a little off what you would expect. As studio that did them had a bit of creative license. No one on the team remembers seeing the Mega Man cartoon here in the UK. Enjoy it’s a great trip down memory lane for those old enough to remember them.

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