💀 ᕼᗩᒪᒪOᗯEEᑎ ᐯGᗰ ᗰI᙭ 💀

Happy Halloween! put this on the background for your spooky parties / hangouts or to instantly turn your house haunted. I have one more monstrous mix to upload before the big day 🎃

Earthbound – Giygas Stirs
Chrono Trigger – Underground Sewer
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – World 6
Parasite Eve – Arise Within You
Silent Hill 2 – Null Moon
Super Metroid – Title Screen
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Last Day
Resident Evil 3 – Save Room
Sonic Adventure 2 – Dark Chao Garden
(Haunted Sounds Medley)
Chrono Trigger – Strains of Insanity
Silent Hill 2 – White Noiz
Yume Nikki – The Ritual Room
Donkey Kong Country – Fear Factory
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood – Picture of a Ghost Ship
Suikoden II – Ghost Story
Silent Hill 2 – Prisonic Fairytale
Okami – The Curse
Clock Tower – Darkness
(Haunted Sounds Medley)
Sonic Adventure 2 – A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup
Sonic Adventure – Will You Continue?
Parasite Eve – Consensus
Resident Evil Revelations – Item Box
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Haunty Halls Galaxy
Parasite Eve – Memory 1
Resident Evil Code Veronica – Putrid Smell
Pokemon Blue/Red – Lavender Town
Secret of Mana – Ceremony
Parasite Eve – A Piece of Remain
Chrono Cross – Star Tower
(Haunted Sounds Medley)
Yume Nikki – The Dark Lake
The Legend of Dragoon – Ghost Ship
Sonic CD (US) – Boss
Shadow Hearts – Coffin Fetish
Parasite Eve – Out of Phase
LSD: Dream Emulator – Bright Moon Cottage Ambient B
LSD: Dream Emulator – Bright Moon Cottage Ambient A
LSD: Dream Emulator – Bright Moon Cottage Ambient C

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