my queue has been pretty hefty lately to disperse what I have in there to make room for Sega Saturn posts for its (north american) 24th anniversary on May 11 🙂 so hopefully that’s not a problem… I’ll take you on a personal journey back to 96-98 from the time my older brother and I picked up the Saturn for Virtual On and the 3 packed in games (Virtua Fighter 2, Daytona USA & Virtua Cop) to the last of its days when I thankfully copped Burning Rangers, Magic Knight Rayearth, Panzer Dragoon Saga & Shining Force III which are all now stupid expensive. o, and then the “Saturn Renaissance” when I installed a modchip to the Japanese Saturn I got in 2011 so I could play the rest of the hidden gems on its library. ever since then I’ve been collecting all the peripherals, any cheap interesting looking game I find in Japan and bought 2 arcade sticks, all necessary to enhance the experiences even more, firmly placing the Saturn as my third favorite system of all time, especially since I love fighters and shmups!


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