Psycho Dream (サイコ ドリーム) – Super Famicom (1992)

“Psycho Dream, made by Telenet and Riot, is one of those all too common lost classics on the Super Famicom. It’s a fast paced action title filled to the brim with strange enemies, humongous bosses, and massively chaotic action.

Psycho Dream’s story involves a girl named Sayaka Kaori, who has fallen into a coma. However, she can be reached by a machine that can bring people into dreams. Dreams are, of course, incredibly surreal places, and are often very dangerous. Only experts from The National Public Safety Commission, also known as Diamond Dogs, are authorized to enter. It’s up to Ryo and Maria, two of the best Diamond Dog officers, to save Sayaka and wake her from her coma. The story may not make a lot of sense, but it makes for a cool backdrop and sets itself apart from similar games (Majyuuou, Valis, Ninja Gaiden, older Castlevanias). It was written by Kenichi Nishi, more famous for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure and L.O.L.: Lack of Love, two of Love-de-Lic’s games”.

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