[image: A man, Pulseman’s father (known as Suzuhei Yoshiyama in the game manual), and an unnamed female C-Life (computer-generated life form), Pulseman’s mother, gaze at each other in what appears to be virtual space, with a simple grid design representing the “floor”. The man is turned so that we cannot see his face. The bangs of his hair stick up and back in spikes, reminiscent of the spike on Pulse’s helmet. The C-Life’s hair is long and dark and doesn’t appear to be bound to the laws of gravity, flowing behind her as though underwater. She wears a long dark-colored dress that bares her shoulders and comes up to a point on her shoulder blades, resembling that of a Mega Gardevoir’s. She also wears long dark-colored gloves that cover her arms all the way up to her shoulders. It’s hard to tell whether she is down on her knees or floating in mid-air, but there are no shadows.]

Caption (Japanese):

Caption (Mod’s English translation):
Meeting in CG Space
This image board shows Pulseman’s parents meeting.
The boy in the upper left has a similar hairstyle to the father.

The caption references another illustration on the same page that shows Pulse emerging from a TV screen and surprising a young boy.

This is currently the most detailed image of Pulseman’s mother that is available. We still don’t know what Suzuhei looks like from the front.

Early Pulseman concept art by Ken Sugimori.

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