Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Game Creator

Last episode of the season from tocotocotv profiles developer responsible for many music-related video games, most famously recognized for Rez.

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Our last episode of the season features Tetsuya Mizuguchi, game creator
and founder of the Enhance Games studio. Mizuguchi is the creator behind
the iconic Rez, recently remastered as Rez Infinite, he also created
Lumines, Child of Eden or Space Channel 5, which are all gaming
experiences strongly influenced by music.

Always ahead of his
time, Mizuguchi will tell us more about his motivations behind Rez
Infinite, and his pursuit of new forms of perception, supported by new
technologies such as virtual reality, or through original concepts such
as the Synesthesia Suit.

Our day with Mizuguchi will take us to
the heights of Mori Tower, then to the intimacy of the Restaurant
Bohemian, where we will learn more about his philosophy and his work. 


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